O2 DAO Initial Discord Offering

3 min readNov 10, 2021

Thanks for your patience, O2ers! We have finished collecting wallet addresses from OGs for the whitelist. We have also slightly adjusted some parameters for the IDO. The changes were made thanks to community’s feedback. We also took market conditions and dynamics into consideration.

Without further ado, here are the final IDO details:

Dates and dAPP


  • Only non-US persons who are whitelisted can participate in the IDO
  • 500 OTWO will be offered for sale
  • There will be two types of allocation
  • Allocation A: 0.015 wsOHM (~$480) = 1 aOTWO
  • Allocation B: 550 USDT = 1 aOTWO
  • Allocation A is slightly cheaper (-15%) than Allocation B. The discounted price is for compensating the potential swap/bridge fee of acquiring wsOHM. Keep in mind you can always bridge (ws)OHM from Ethereum to Avalanche.
  • aOTWO will be linearly vested for 7 days following protocol launch
  • 1 aOTWO can redeem 0.01 OTWO (It was originally 1aOTWO can redeem 1 OTWO but we have edited the backing ratio to simplify the engineering, don’t worry, your aOTWO did not lose value)
  • OTWO that are not purchased will be burned

Key changes

  • OTWO offered for sale was down to 500 from 699, as we disqualified some inactive members
  • Price for Allocation B was adjusted due to wsOHM’s price increasing

OTWO supply and price

  • The initial supply of OTWO will be 1,000 minus the burned OTWO
  • 10% of the total OTWO supply will be used for development and protocol growth
  • Roughly 10–30% of the total OTWO supply will be added as initial liquidity
  • The actual numbers will depend on the final IDO outcome and any unused OTWO will be burned
  • OTWO-wsOHM pool will open at 1 OTWO = 0.03 wsOHM
  • OTWO-USDT pool will open at 1 OTWO = (0.03 wsOHM worth equivalent) USDT
  • All raised funds will be 100% used for treasury and initial LPs

Contracts (verified on Snowtrace.io)


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A decentralized treasury-backed currency protocol that is backed by OHM. $OTWO is backed by $OHM